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Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



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Our Patients

Some of our favorite pictures

This album is a collection of our clients and their pets. Feel free to provide us with a picture of your pet for us to include in our collection.

Halloween 2018
Halloween 2018

Pet Costume Contest

Murfee Peanut Kolbie BrushBrush
Whiskey Vinny Colt Stitch
Violet Clouseau and Elsa Gracie Boomer
Willow Apollo Bear Birdie
Harley Skye Cali Maple
Dexter Drake Fritzi Duke
Eleanor Fiona Thor Urban
Emma Leo Dakota Rizzo
Mac Kenny Bella Bear
Riley Chewy Dolly Finnegan
Oliver Finnegan and Oliver Hunter Hunter's excitement
Ringo Bear Clark Miss Kitty
Walter Waylon and Tillie head tilts Truman Smudge
Revel Brother kitties Gertie Jedi
Rizzo Joker Juliet Gus
RJ Oakley Piston Yoda
Murphy Lucy Luna Finn
Hanz Blue Grizwold Scooter
Addison Cher Willow Munchie
Rusty Matilda Auggie Pearl
River Aggie Grace and Hunter Boy Johnny and Cash Stevie
Mo Tootsie Pepper Gunner
Lulu Hondo Archie Aspen
Roy Mertie nala Cooper
PJ Rusty Rexy Jake
Penny Teddy Charlie Finley
Chanceq Chief Lena Ivan
Roxie Berkley Marley Lexi
Willow Benny Shadow Vana
Charlie Quentin Tucker Nova
Luna Starr Willow Jax
Barron Chewbahka Lincoln Oliver
Roger Whaley Moose Archie Bandit
Brewer Chevy Benny Oliver
Macaroni Ruby Hunter Buck
Freyr & Bella Luna & Casper Rusty




Wrigley Bella
Bruiser Beretta Winnie Hazel
Tucker Lacie Loki & Kalani Mochi
Tuffy Roxy Ellie

Benali Finley Kip Wilbur
Frankie Leonardo DiPuppy Max Pug Puppies
Leo Jett Cookie Gracie
Sawyer Bailey Bentley Toby
Toby Winston Bentley Archer
Hank Champ Bailey Tater
Simon Unchi Cinder Frankie
Caspurr Andie Grace Emmee
Uscut Salem Liberty Griffey
Cricket Shade Renfri